Canada Visa Application and How To Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry Canada Visa Application and How To Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry - Express Entry Immigration To Canada

Canada Visa Application and How To Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry

Visa Immigration To Canada

Are you looking for easy ways to migrate to Canada?

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Canada Visa Application and How To Migrate To Canada Through Express Entry

Canada offers extraordinary open doors for immigrants who look for a superior way of life. With benevolent immigration approaches, a profoundly skilled workforce, the exclusive requirement of living, and phenomenal wellbeing offices, there is no lack of reasons why Canada is a favored objective among immigrants. 

Your application could be deferred If you missed fundamental snippets of data that could facilitate the cycle, nonetheless, it is encouraged to look for help from an expert immigration master who can clarify a few terms that may be befuddling. 

Visa is the lawful approval from the Canadian government that ensures your free development without dread or terrorizing. Except if you are a public of the 54 visa absolved nations, entering Canada without a visa is outlandish.

Types Of Canada Visa
Understanding the visa types offered by the Canadian government will help you in making the right decision. Canada visas are divided into two general categories namely:

  • Permanent Residence Visa: This applies to foreigners who intend to stay in Canada on a permanent basis. The Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Class Experience, Provincial nomination program, and the Federal skilled trades program offer permanent residency paths through the Express Entry.
  • Temporary residence Visa: As the name implies, this category of visa applies to foreigners who wish to stay in Canada on a temporary basis. Based on the purpose of the visit, the following visas fall under the TRV
    Student visa, super visa, visitor visa, Business persons and Business delegations visa, diplomatic visa, intending organ donors visa.

Temporary Resident Visa may be single or multiple-entry. A single entry visa allows the holder to enter and stay in Canada for not more than six months. While Multiple entry visa gives the holder an ample opportunity to enter and stay in Canada for six months at a time and is valid for 10 years.

Eligibility for Canada Visa

Confirming your eligibility is vital to your immigration application, satisfying these conditions is a step in the right direction:

  • Availability of funds to cater to your stay
  • You must not pose a security or health risk
  • Be able to convince the immigration officer you will honour your obligations
  • Not be Inadmissible to Canada

Canada Visa Requirements

  • Fill and complete the appropriate form pertaining to your interest on the IRCC official website.
  • Two passport photographs as recommended by IRCC
  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Fill out and complete the VFS consent form.
  • Proof of funds
  • English or French proficiency
  • Processing fee receipt
  • Reputable medical history
  • Invitation letter detailing the purpose of your visit, and details of your host.
  • A self-addressed return courier envelope
  • Proof of ties to your home country
  • Biometrics may be required

Canada Visa Processing Time

The processing time depends on several factors. Your country of residence, the backlog of applications, the type of application submitted, the accuracy of the submitted data, how quickly your data can be verified are determining factors. Express Entry is one of the quickest means of Canadian immigration, the process is usually in six months or less. Visit IRCC's official website to get comprehensive information about the various processing time

Where To Apply for Canada Visa

There are two ways to submit your visa application. You can fill and complete the information online or through a Global Visa Application Centre available in Canadian embassies or consulates. To apply online visit the IRCC official website to begin. You will require a digital scanner to make copies of your documents and credit card to facilitate online payments, Although it is recommended you use the visa application centre in your home country.

Submitting Your Passport

If you receive a notification requesting your passport, you are to submit your passport along with the request letter through the Canada Visa Application Centre in your home country. Note: If you are sending your passport to the same visa application centre where you provided your biometrics, you are not required to pay for passport transmission charges. You have the option of picking up your passport yourself, through an authorized representative, or through a self-addressed return courier envelope.