Canada Immigration: Benefits of Becoming A Canadian Citizen Through Express Entry Canada Immigration: Benefits of Becoming A Canadian Citizen Through Express Entry - Express Entry Immigration To Canada

Canada Immigration: Benefits of Becoming A Canadian Citizen Through Express Entry

Canada Immigration: Benefits of Becoming A Canadian Citizen

Being a Canadian citizen has many advantages even more than you think. That's right, you want a better life, and you believed you could do it by moving to Canada. Believe me, you underestimated that belief because many people still marvel at the benefits they get from being citizens of the country alone.

If you still have second thoughts about applying for citizenship or even moving, then this article is for you. It's good to realize sooner that being a second citizen in a country like Canada is better than being a first citizen in an undeveloped or developing place.


A lot of immigrants fear deportation more than death. They also do all they can to avoid altercation of any kind with an assumed citizen or always pray to never be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As a citizen of Canada, there is no limit o the duration of your stay in the country in case you need to live abroad for some time. Also, if you happen to be convicted of any crime (it is not expected you plan on committing a crime), as a citizen, you cannot be deported.
Furthermore, once you become a citizen, you will not need to renew your citizenship or have sleepless nights with the possibility of losing your status. For those that believe $50 (every five years) processing fee to renew your PR card is not much, certainly, they did not consider the time it would take to process such. It could take up to 104 days, if not more to renew a PR card. This can be inconvenient if you are a frequent traveler? Compare that with getting a Canadian passport which costs about $120 (as of 2020) and is processed within 10-20 days.


As was mentioned earlier, it costs about $120 to obtain a valid Canadian international passport and 10-20 days to be processed. It is good to know that the Canadian International passport has been ranked by Passport Index, a global survey, as the fifth most powerful passport in the world. For a passport to be that powerful, it means that any holder can travel to 184 countries without having to apply for a Visa. Let us ignore that the application fee for some Visas can be expensive, it can be very difficult to qualify for and likely to take a lot of time to be processed and approved depending on the country in question. 
With Visa-free travel, all you need do is get on the plane and enjoy your vacation devoid of large fees or likely various government documentation.


As a PR cardholder in Canada, regardless of your lengthy duration in the country, you are not eligible to vote run for any office in any election. I can imagine you can say that it is just a vote and it might not count but you can ask any citizen how good it feels to be able to partake in electing a person to power even if your own vote can only count as one.


As a citizen of Canada, you do not need a Work Permit before applying for any job. Canadian citizens are eligible for some select unelected government jobs that require Canadian citizenship and this could include jobs that would require security clearances.
Permanent residents, on the other hand, would just have narrowed their employment opportunities that are limited by their status.


As many would want to do too, you would be giving your children a headstart by having them in Canada. As a citizen, if your children are born in Canada, they are automatically Canadian citizens. They need not go through the stress their parent(s) might have gone through to attain citizenship. Also, some children born outside of Canada are citizens at birth, provided one of the parents was born or naturalized in Canada.
With the above-stated points, any person that aims for a better life would have commenced preparations for relocating. Canada awaits.